Monday, April 27, 2009

SESSION 13: At Home With Rose



Yes, this week is the time for guitars and drums. Noise-as-rock/rock-as-noise. Some of it's borderline. Some of it you might call drone. But to me, there's a hint of rock in all these tracks. More testosterone than you can shake a stick at.

It's my pleasure to be involved with the wonderful Radio23, which just launched officially on April 23. I've been listening to shows by the other DJs and I've gotta give a plug for I Will Not Return Your Records, hosted by the lovely Lorrie in Montreal. It's become my favourite Friday afternoon kick. Nice way to end the week. Great playlists - country(ish), rock(ish), folk(ish). From Neil Young to Six Organs of Admittance, by a roundabout route.

Another show on Radio23 that I adore (it's magic) is PRAEMISSVM PLANTARIO. This show takes me on a trip. I can't listen to it at the office, so I download the podcasts and listen at my leisure. Lots of sonic layers and otherworldly mutterings.

And so, here is my playlist for this week:

Chris Heazlewood, International Smoker, Cash Guitar, Flying Nun. (4:23)
Sandoz Lab Technicians, Satan's Green Claw, Sandoz Lab Technicians, Siltbreeze. (3:51)
This Kind of Punishment, From the Diary of Hermann Doubt, A Beard of Bees, Ajax Records (2). (3:19)
Skeptics, Ponds, Ponds, ULP. (3:52)
Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos, All of This, River Falling Love, Flying Nun Records. (3:20)
This Kind of Punishment, North Head, In The Same Room/5 by Four, Ajax Records (2). (3:33)
Alistair Galbraith, Full soup head, Cry, Emperor Jones. (6:10)
Thela, Track02, Thela, Ecstatic Peace! (9:18)
Kraus, Guilia, Where are You Now?, The Facts, Creative Commons. (3:00)
Children's Television Workshop, Hat Chau Van, The Polyamorous Love Cult, Drunken Fish Records. (5:52)
Children's Television Workshop, Baby Walk, The Polyamorous Love Cult, Drunken Fish Records. (3:33)
Barge, Floating Backwards, Barge by Name Barge by Nature, cdr. (5:49)
Gfrenzy, Mouth of Bloody Vengeance, The Need For A Crossing: A New New Zealand, Vol. 1, Xeric. (1:38)
Bailter Space, Grader Spader, Tanker, Flying Nun Records. (3:47)
Skeptics, Bad Wiring, Amalgam, Flying Nun Records. (2:47)
Mrtyu, The Burning Ground, The Burning Ground, Battlecruiser. (5:41)
Skeptics, Two Pot Resin, I Will if I Can, Flying Nun Records. (6:20)
Evil Ocean, australopithecus afarensis, Bad demino, unreleased. (7:51)
Thela, (Untitled #2), Argentina, Ecstatic Peace! (8:07)
Birchville Cat Motel, Sublime Prince of Royal, Astro Catastrophies Disk 1, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon. (17:24)
Antony Milton, Halls and Malls, Rag Red Reverie, PseudoArcana. (6:43)
The Stumps, Untitled 3, The Black Wood, Last Visible Dog. (5:59)


Unknown said...

you are a refined, talented, & savvy darling. xo L

Rose said...

Ohhhh! Thanks Lorrie sweets. That means a lot.x