Wednesday, September 09, 2009

SESSION 30: At Home With Rose

Drones Drums Squawks


Oh, I'm so late getting this playlist up. Should have been up last night and here we are 2 hours before broadcast and it's just going up. Bad form, Miss Miller!

I went to Frederick Street venue for the first time the other night and Butt Simpson, Sam Hamilton and LA LAKERS were playing. All were fucking brilliant. So they're all on this weeks playlist.

Here we go:

Ben Spiers, Spin You, Spin You, Transient Recordings. (13:01)
Lau Nau, Jouhet, Nuukuu, Locust Music. (4:31)
Joan of Arc, My Girlfriend Dumped Me After The Free Trip To Japan, The Intelligent Design Of Joan Of Arc, Polyvinyl Records. (5:35)
LA LAKERS, Track 07, silk lettuce whitney houston CDR, Dungeon Taxis 6. (4:51)
Akron/Family, Onward, Tour Album, Not On Label. (6:00)
Tanakh, Stereognosis Remix, Frannce Compilation CD1: Bleu, Ruralfaune. (5:29)
Jackie-O Motherfucker, Nightingale, Ballads of the Revolution, Fire. (5:12)
Pelt, Bestio Tergum Degero Pt.1, Skullfuck / Bestio Tergum Degero, VHF Records. (17:26)
LA LAKERS, Track 04, silk lettuce whitney houston CDR, Dungeon Taxis 6. (5:46)
Lau Nau, Jos Minulla Olin, Kuutarha, Locust Music. (3:54)
Felix Building, The Painter OST, Sans Nostalgie, (3:35)
Sam Hamilton, Epoch of Snares, Sooty Symposium, Tumblingstrain. (16:07)
frey, therefore, cronica, demo. (3:04)
This Heat, 24 Track Loop, This Heat, Piano. (5:57)
Ben Reynolds, Bridget Hayden, Kirstie Penman, untitled 1, Ben Reynolds, Bridget Hayden, Kirstie Penman. (6:36)
CJA, jenin 1, Jenin. (8:09)
Butt Simpson, SHROOM, Butt Simpson CDR. (2:37)
Kites, Downward / Creepy Crawl, Peace Trials, Load. (5:20)

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