Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SESSION 48: At Home With Rose

Antidote to life's misery


Feeling a bit dark and damaged at the moment. Could be the hormones. Could be the excesses of alcohol in the weekend. Could just be life.

I've been having dark dreams.

I had a original playlist list night that was very sombre and dark (along the doom metal line), but after listening to it I had some disturbing occult dreams and decided to ditch it and start again. The result is a little on the melancholic side, but it works for me.

This week's playlist is designed to soothe.

Hope my mood improves.

Hildegard von Bingen, 'Laus Trinitati', Voice of the Blood, RCA. [1:36]
Fursaxa, 'Nawne Ye', Alone in the Wood, ATP. [2:20]
Hush Arbors, 'Wait For A While', Hush Arbors, Digitalis. [2:31]
Alistair Galbraith, 'Mavis Grind', 2nds, A Studio 13 Rushed Product (cassette). [3:22]
Ben Reynolds, 'This England', Earth and Space Magic, Pseudoarcana. [7:16]
Andrès Segovia, 'Handel - Air', The Baroque Guitar. [2:50]
Christina Carter, 'Words Are Not My Own', Electrice, Kranky. [12:29]
Dewer, 'Prozac', myspace [4:41]
Chihei Hatakeyama, 'Inside of the Pocket', Minima Moralia, Kranky. [4:31]
Bleeding Heart Narrative, 'finding the door', All that was missing we never had in the world, Cold Spring. [3:54]
William Basinski, 'd|p 2.1', The Disintegration Loops I, 2062. [10:56]
Kuupuu, 'Kelluvat Meressä Nünkuin Muutkin Roskat', Kevatlauluja, Not on label. [4:34]
Animal Collective (feat. Vashti Bunyan),'Baleen Sample', Prospect Hummer, FatCat Records. [5:06]
Clubfoot Orchestra, 'Japanese Song Too', Potatoes: A Collection of Folk Songs, Ralph Records. [2:41]
steven r. smith, 'night patridges', Windswept Trees & Houses (va), Jewelled Antler. [5:38]
Brian Eno, 'Three Variations On The Canon In D Major: (i) Fullness Of The Wind', Discreet Music, EMI Records. [9:58]
Brian Eno & J Peter Schwalm, 'Bloom', Drawn From Life, Astralwerks. [9:41]
Fennesz, 'The Point of it All', Venice, Touch. [5:01]
Anvil Salute, 'Blinked Red Face, Little Wax Moustache', A Discreet History Of Bone, Foxglove. [7:36]
Bugskull, 'subterranean life', Communication, Digitalis. [4:24]
The Dead Texan, 'When I See Scissors, I Cannot Help But Think Of You', The Dead Texan, Kranky. [4:00]
Flying Saucer Attack, 'The Season is Ours', Rural Psycedelia, VHF Records. [4:19]

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Anne said...

Just wanted to stop in and say thank-you so much for all of these wonderful play lists.