Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SESSION 46: At Home With Rose



Riding along on the plastic dream! Heart beats fast like a tiny machine i am electro boy!! I am electro girl!!

Second week back at work and this one is easier than last week. I think my brain started to engage again today and I feel as though I am beginning to achieve something. On that note, how about some electro-tinged tunes. From downright poppy à la Simian Mobile Disco to the droning goodness Oneohtrix Point Never (wow!) - there's a little something for everyone. Amongst the track is one from HEALTH who play here in Wellington really soon. I hope I am financial enough to go to this. Christmas has cleaned out my pockets. Darn. Also a track by Telepathe who I missed recently due to the aforementioned limitations. Flipping heck! I also just missed Blectum from Blechdom. The year is not starting well on the gig front. Crap fuck arse.

Nice electro website here. Just discovered it after I had put together my playlist. I'll be bookmarking that baby.

If you are a Boosh fan (like me) you will recognise the quote at the top. They make me giggle quite a lot. Howard Moon makes me swoon.

The Mighty Boosh, Electro/Jazz, from The Mighty Boosh TV series. [1:55]
Blixa Bargeld, 'Little Yellow', Jukebox Buddha, Staubgold. [1:08]
Disasteradio, 'Trash City', Disasteradio, free download. [1:09]
DJ SPOOKY : Oval vs Yoshihiro Hanno, 'APRIL REMIX + Oval vs Main/SDII AUDIO TEMPLATE + David Shea/SATIRICON mixed w/ Marcel Duchamp/SOME TEXTS FROM Å L'INFINITIF', Rhythm Science : Excerpts & Allegories From The Sub Rosa Audio Archive, Sub Rosa. [3:43]
System, 'Hu Ra!!', But Then Again (VA), Various/Scape. [4:40]
Telepathe, 'Lights Go Down', Dance Mother, V2 Records, Cooperative Music. [4:55]
Ananda Jacobs, 'Alexander', My Life In An Insulation Test, electr-ohm. [6:47]
Softboiled Eggies, 'I Got It Wrong', Demo. [4:07]
The Electric Bunnies, 'Psychic Lemonade', Through The Magical Door, Floridas Dying. [2:57]
HEALTH, 'Glitter Pills', HEALTH, Lovepump United. [3:39]
Simian Mobile Disco, 'Pinball (Feat. Telepathe), Temporary Pleasure, Witchita. [3:56]
The Knife, 'We Share Our Mother's Health', Silent Shout, Brille Records. [4:12]
Roxy Music, 'Ladytron', Roxy Music, Island Records. [4:25]
Nobody, 'Interlude 2', Pacific Drift, Ubiquity Records. [3:59]
Disasteradio, 'Electro Rock Power', Disasteradio, free download. [2:22]
Ahlgul Ouijaha, 'looping is progress in static', Outro to Finale, Amenorea. [3:01]
Figurine, 'A Electronic Address (Printed Circuit Remix)', Reconfigurine, Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club. [4:09]
New Friend, '...And Tokyo Lay In Ruins', New Friend, unreleased. [1:59]
Cagey House, 'like a reptile', Elephant Orange, Umor Rex. [3:01]
Claviq, 'Rainy Forest', Dumptrot, Amenorea. [3:48]
Akello Uchenna, 'Interluded', Green Tea Mint, Inner Current Recordings. [2:27]
Gary Numan, 'Films', The Pleasure Principle (Remastered), WEA. [4:10]
Barbara Morgenstern, ' Quality Time', The Grass Is Always Greener, Monika Enterprise. [4:10]
A Blaze Of Colour, 'Cold As Ever', A Tribute To Flexi-Pop Vol.3 (VA), Flexi-Pop. [3:29]
The Androids, 'Auckland Tonight', It's Bigger Than The Both Of Us (VA), Propeller. [3:08]
Pixel Hero, 'Drone Builders', Pixel Hero, Sturm. [7:56]
Mathématiques Modernes, Disco Rough (I. Smagghe Edit), So Young But So Cold - Underground French Music 1977-1983, [4:00]
The Del-Byzantines (with Jim Jarmusch), 'My Hands Are Yellow (From the Job That I Do)', New York Noise 2, Soul Jazz Records. [3:11]
Barge, 'Let's Go To The Park', Barge by Name Barge by Nature, CDr. [5:48]
Hecker, 'Easy Jxeluspl Jxel Funnn Pre Mix', The End of the Fear of God (VA), Tochnit Aleph. [2:21]
Blectum from Blechdom, 'Santa Clara', Haus de Snaus, Tigerbeat6. [3:51]
Oneohtrix Point Never, 'Piste 2', Young Beidnahga, Ruralfaune. [10:45]


Rock Rodgers said...

Oh my - I love that graphic!

See you tonight (online).

Rose said...

Galaga! I was quite good at that in my day. That and Phoenix.