Tuesday, March 09, 2010

SESSION 52: At Home With Rose

Synth: let's face it, it's kinda fun.


No show last week as you probably realised. Family stuff. You know how it gets...

This week I'm collaborating with my friend, Greg Simpson, a connoisseur of synth.

Simple rules - one hour each. Greg's set TBA. Who will be up first? I think we're gonna flip a coin.

First of all - you can't go past our own Kraus for some decent synth. Crazy motherfucking shit that I love.

Oh, and check out BIPPP - French Synth Wave 1979-85 off Born Bad Records for some fun tunes.

Here's my mix (one hour):

BBC Radiophonic workshop, melodic group shapes, bbc radiophonic workshop - listen move and dance 1-3, 1962 EMI. [1:08]
Kraus, White Leather, Red, Green and Blue: 1998-2003, 2006 self release CDR. [3:00]
Edmond De Deyster, Reel 04 Excerpt 04, Selectie 01, 2006 Ultra Eczema. [5:36]
Klaus Nomi, Three Wishes, Simple Man (1982), RCA. [3:20]
TGV, Partie 1, BIPPP - French Synth Wave 1979-85, 2006 Born Bad Records. [3:18]
Barabara Morgenstern, Die japanische Schranke, The Grass is Always Greener, 2006 Monika Enterprise. [5:06]
Young Hearts of Europe, u-bahn x, A Tribute to Flexipop Vol. 2, CDR unofficial realease. [5:30]
Edouard Artemiev, Le Feu, Sibérie, La Saga De L'immensité, 1979 Le Chant Du Monde. [5:19]
Metal Boys, Carnival, So Young But So Cold - Underground French Music 1977-1983, 2004 Tigersushi. [1:46]
Kissing the Pink, In Awe of Industry, Naked, 1983 Atlantic. [3:18]
Lagowski, Vocal Impulse Test, My Life In An Insulation Test, 2008 electr-ohm. [4:27]
Vibo, Clinical Death Prolog, A Tribute to Some Bizarre Vol. 4, CDR, Unofficial Release. [2:49]
Disasteradio, Advanced Pancake Mechanics, Disasteradio, CDR. [2:43]
No Projekt, Childish Terror, Null Achtzehn, 2005 http://noprojekt.blogspot.com. [1:00]
Ahlgul Ouijaha, Metempsychosis of Prior Marble, Outro to Finale, 2007 AMENOREA. [6:45]
Deux, Game and Performance, BIPPP - French Synth Wave 1979-85, 2006 Born Bad Records. [3:43]

Here's Greg's mix (one hour):

Black Devil Disco Club, Dali, Presents: The Strange New World Of Bernard Fevre, 2009 Lo Recordings. [3:23]
Plastique de Rêve, Comme la vogue, Rêve de Plastique, 2009 Plastique de Rêve. [6:54]
The Emperor Machine, Lana Laila, Space Beyond The Egg, 2009 D.C. Recordings. [4:21]
Vincent Markowski, The Number Arkiv, Dirty Capsules, 2008 D.C. Recordings [4:59]
Joakim, Nebula Laughter, Watermelon Bubblicious, 2009 !K7 Records. [8:58]
Depth Charge, Mecha Squirrel, Pt. 2, Mecha Squirrel—EP, 2009 Schnozza Music. [4:19]
Premier Rang, Les corps humides — Single, 2009 Italians Do It Better. [5:24]
Fever Ray, Triangle Walks (Rex The Dog Remix), Triangle Walks—Single, 2009 Rabid Records. [6:39]
Black Van, Yearning — Single, 2010, DFA Records. [6:09]
Desire, Mirroir Mirroir, II, 2009 Italians Do It Better. [5:18]
Parallel Dance Ensemble, Run, Run — Single, 2010 Parallel Dance Ensemble. [3:55]


Feminista said...

great pic...so rose whenare you gonna get the same headset? :)

Rose said...

Great idea. I can broadcast direct from my BRAIN!