Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SESSION 53: At Home With Rose

Hushed tones in the psychedelic playground




NOTE: earlier show time of 8-10pm NZ time due to daylight savings in the US. Show remains the same time for listeners in the US.

It's the loveliest time of year at the moment - the mellow warm autumn days. The light seems less harsh and the warmth in the sun is not as intense. Leaves are starting to brown, the fruiting trees and vines are squeezing out the last of their crops. The evenings have a faint chill. This is my time of year. I'm not a summer person. I like the sun, but I don't like the sticky heat. The music for this mellow time is my favourite: psychy, folksy dirges and drones. Mumbling strange lyrics. Anyone would think I was a drugged-out hippy. Nah. Not my style. Perhaps in a past life. Heh.

First track up is by Gong - this is one from my childhood. I remember being interested in the funny drawings and hippy garb and the titles of songs like "Squeezing Sponges Over Policeman's Heads" from the album Camembert Electrique. It was good to have older brothers who brought lots of different music into the house. I wonder what I would be listening to now if it hadn't been for the good early influences from my two big brothers. Thank you Greg and Steve.

Isis came here in February - yet another band I have missed and I'm getting pretty annoyed with not having any money to get along to gigs. Perhaps I should see if I can start writing reviews so I can get tickets. Hmm, that would mean finding time to do such things, but perhaps something to think about. Am I a good enough writer? I guess that could be a stumbling block... I've stopped looking at what gigs are coming up. It's getting too depressing.

Sad to see that Matthew Crawley and Jim Rush, aka Strange News and Galesburg, have gone into retirement. Sounds like numbers at gigs were not high enough to keep them going financially. A damn shame because they organised for some pretty amazing people to grace our shores. Perhaps too many so that people were picking and choosing what to go to. Also perhaps a sign of the times of recession.

Gong, Dynamite/I Am Your Animal, Camembert Electrique, [4:33]
Rafael Toral, Glove Touch, Touch 25, [3:16]
6majik9, open templar ornaments (with strum), Solid Space, [7:03]
Bardo Pond, Despite The Roar, Mogwai/Bardo Pond - Split, [7:30]
HEALTH, Tabloid Sores, HEALTH, [2:51]
Bugskull, what's that light?, Communication LP, [2:42]
Claypipe, The Math of Random Fractures, Jewelled Antler Library Vol. 8: Wayside, Jewelled Antler Collective. [3:59]
Popol Vuh, Hosianna-Mantra, Tantric Songs/Hosianna Mantra, [10:20]
Jackie-o-Motherfucker, Beautiful September (We Are Going There), Fig. 5, [10:13]
Quetzolcoatl, I Dive For Secrets In The Gorge Du Verdon, Frannce Compilation CD1: Bleu, RuralFaune. [7:05]
Islaja, Rohkaisulaulu, Palaa aurinkoon, Fonal Records. [4:25]
Duncan Bruce, Celestial Vengeance, New Glass Tapu, If Records. [9:31]
Bleeding Heart Narrative, lillian gish, All that was missing we never had in the world, [6:01]
M. Pyres, Gravity Deluxe (wandering associate), & New Past Tense, [4:59]
Alistair Galbraith, This Time He Has Come, More Oar: A Tribute to Alexander "Skip" Spence, Birdman. [5:20]
Chamellows, Sneaks Whistle Boat, Rat Hearts. [3:19]
Hala Strana, Cantecul Miresei, The Jewelled Antler Library Book 1, Jewelled Antler Collective. [3:08]
Grouper, Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping, Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill, [2:53]
Hush Arbors, Magic Wood, Hush Arbors, [3:50]
Isis, All Out Of Time, All Into Space, In The Absence Of Truth, [3:04]
Hawkwind, Born to Go (Live Single Version Edit), In Search of Space, [5:04]
Cave, Encino Men, Psychic Summer, [8:04]

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