Tuesday, June 08, 2010

SESSION 56: At Home With Rose

Plinkety Plonk: You can dance to some of these if you want


Some upbeat shimmering electro tracks this week - some of them you might even be able to dance to in a kind of way. Well, I'll be doing a wee dance because my friend Ms LaQuisha Redfern is coming over in her kimono and I'm going to put on my new kaftan (Trade Me sucks me in) and we might even put on some sparkly makeup. It's a girls' night. Time for some upbeat moods, I think. Hope you will join us. We might be feeling a bit silly. In a good way. Expect pics.

(Here's a video of Session 56 in progress!)

You'll see Umor Rex and Fonal labels heavily represented in this mix. Total coincidence, but anyone who follows the show will know how much I love these two labels.

Fave track: Executive Slacks' "The Park".

Diasteradio, Track 11, Diasteradio, not on label. [1:31]
Daniel Savio, "Machine Against Rage", Dirty Bomb, Flogsta Danshall. [3:23]
Daniel Savio, "You Love Bibimbab", The Bubble Bump/You Love Bibimbab, Flogsta Danshall. [3:47]
Soma Holiday, "Shake Your Molecules", Analogsounds Vol. 1 - Analog Cyberpunk Addendum_III - Cracked Mirror (12"). [4:23]
Ping Pong Parrot, "Punch and Judy at the Lunar Pawnshop", Sun Sun and So and So, Dog Eared Records. [3:33]
Barbara Morgenstern, "Mailand", The Grass Is Always Greener, Monika Enterprise. [2:35]
Artefact, "Mae", So Young But So Cold - Underground French Music 1977-1983, Tigersushi. [3:18]
Fennesz, "Badminton Girl", Endless Summer, Mego. [4:06]
Isan, "64 Fire Damage", Glow in The Dark Safari Set, Morr Music. [9:13]
Oval, "oh!", Oh, Thrill Jockey. [2:53]
Chamellows, "Week End", Rat Hearts, Fonal. [2:37]
Orchestra of Spheres, "There is No No", not released, not on label. [3:10]
Red Steers, "Dec", The Fever Fold, Low Hum. [2:44]
Red Steers, "Katzenklavier", Lagaluga Lagoon, Low Hum. [3:24]
Drugs Made Me Smarter, "Prelude For A Sudden Honeymoon", Harmony Road, Umor Rex. [3:49]
Animal Collective, "The Softest Voice", Sung Tongs, FatCat Records. [6:47]
Cursillistas, "Dirt, Palm, Line", Les Biches, L'animaux Tryst (Field) Recordings. [2:46]
Cursillistas, "Aphum Bones", Les Biches, L'animaux Tryst (Field) Recordings. [3:33]
Claviq, "Complicated Fence", Dumptrot, AMENOREA. [3:45]
Claviq, "Dobré Skutky", Dumptrot, AMENOREA. [4:26]
Executive Slacks, "the park", Nausea, Fundamental. [4:56]
Hi-D, "Yellow", Beats and Pomegranates, Umor Rex. [4:45]
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, "Reminisinces", Before Today, 4AD. {2:34]
Shugo Tokumaru, "Drop", L.S.T, Lil' Chief Records. [2:12]
Es, "Kesä ja hymyilevät huulet", Kesämaan lapset, Fonal. [2:56]
Paavoharju, "Ursulan Uni", Laulu Laakson Kukista, Fonal. [2:37]
Shlohmo, "Ghosts pt. 2", Shlo-Fi EP, Error Broadcast. [3:39]
LA LAKERS, "Track 10", silk lettuce whitney houston, Dungeon Taxis. [2:19]
ballrooms of mars, "ballrooms of mars", cedre, Nexsound. [5:18]
Shogan Kunitoki, "Leivonen", Tasankokaiku, Fonal. [5:09]
Cagey House, "Invisible Dream", The Cosmic Drain, Umor Rex. [2:34]
Lone, "To Be With A Person That You Really Dig", Ecstasy & Friends, Werk. [3:28]
Tangram, "Cypress", Still Here, Umor Rex. [2:10]


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