Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SESSION 58: At Home With Rose

Pop goes the (indie) weasel


Well, a girl can't listen to experimental all the time. Here's some new poppy tunes. Sometimes it's just what I'm in the mood for. Especially at the moment. I have a stinking cold and it's so busy at work that I can't take a sick day. So some nice pop music in the office gets the day off to a snapping pace. That, and some good cough mixture, and my day is not so bad.

Some pop I can't abide, but give me some shimmering dreampop and something with a krautrock twist and you'll have me twittering and shimmying round the office.

Warning: this mix starts out the least poppy and by the end of it we have some very poppy electro. Be warned. You may want to dance. Don't be put off by the inclusion of Robyn. Personally, I adore her Swedish cuteness that also packs a dirty punch.

Favourite from this mix though, is Florida's Surfer Blood. So much fun.

Shogun Kunitoki, 'Tropiikin kuuma huuma', Tasankokaiku, Fonal (2006).
The Pastels/Tenniscoats, 'Tokyo Glasgow', Two Sunsets, Geographic/Domino (2009).
White Hinterland, 'Moon Jam', Kairos, Dead Oceans (2010).
A Sunny Day In Glasgow, 'Slaughter Killing Carnage (The Meaning of Words)', Ashes Grammar, Mis Ojos Discos (2009).
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, 'Round and Round', Before Today, 4AD (2010).
The XX, 'Infinity', XX, Young Turks (2009).
Taken By Trees, 'Bekannelse', East Of Eden, Rough Trade (2009).
Crystal Stilts, 'Prismatic Room', Alight of Night, Slumberland (2008).
Royksopp, 'Silver Cruiser', Junior, Astralwerks (2009).
viernes, 'glass windows', sinister devices, Kanine (2010).
jj, 'Things Will Never Be the Same Again', jj n° 2, Sincerely Yours (2009).
Isan, 'Eastside', Glow In The Dark Safari Set, Morr Music (2010).
Gang Gang Dance, 'Before My Voice Fails', God's Money, Social Registry (2005).
Animal Collective, 'My Girls', Merriweather Post Pavilion, Domino (2009).
Yeasayer, 'Forgiveness', All Hour Cymbals, We Are Free (2007).
Surfer Blood, 'Catholic Pagans', Astro Coast, Kanine (2010).
Panel of Judges, 'Trapped in Amber', No Scandal・No Future・In Heaven, Gothic Pharaoh (2004).
Psychic Psummer, 'Machines and Muscles', Cave, Important (2009).
Micachu and the Shapes, 'Worst Bastard', Jewellery, Rough Trade (2009).
Bachelorette, 'Holding Back One', Isolation Loops, Milestone (2007).
Memory Tapes, 'Swimming Field', Seek Magic, Sincerely Yours (2009).
Wild Nothing, 'My Angel Lonely', Gemini, Captured Tracks (2010).
Julian Lynch, 'Mare', Mare, Olde English Spelling Bee (2010).
Little Dragon, 'Never Never', Machine Dreams, Peacefrog (2009).
My Wet Calvin, 'Bess McNeal', All Great Events, Archangel (2010).
The Big Pink, 'Dominos', A Brief History of Love, 4AD (2009).
Telepathe, 'So Fine', Dance Mother, Iamsound (2009).
Robyn, 'Fembot', Body Talk Pt. 1, Konichiwa (2010).
Crookers Feat. Yelle, 'Cooler Couleur', Kitsuné Maison Compilation 9: Le Petit Bateau Edition, Kitsuné France (2010).


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