Monday, August 02, 2010

SESSION 63: At Home With Rose

Softly Softly Synthesiser


Pretty synth sounds tonight. Groove down. Sink some G&Ts. Perhaps some martinis if you are really feeling in the mood. A very sweet and delicious mix tonight.

My recommendation: visit Boomkat and check out their "14 tracks" - a nice themed weekly mix of 14 tracks that you can purchase. All out of the Boomkat catalogue. Two tracks this week are from one of their selections. A great way to hear new music.

Vincent Gallo, 'Her Smell Theme', Recordings Of Music For Film (Warp Records, 2002)
The Ivytree, 'Inner Groves', The Jewelled Antler Library Book 1 (Porter Records, 2008)
Amesoeurs, 'I XIII V XIX XV V XXI XVIII XIX – IX XIX – IV V I IV', Amesoeurs (Code666, 2009)
P.A.L, 'Salvation', My Life In An Insulation Test (electr-ohm, 2008)
White Hinterland, 'Amsterdam', Kairos (Dead Oceans, 2010)
Pastels/Tenniscoats/Pastels, 'Mou Mou Rainbow', Two Sunsets (Geographic, 2009)
viernes, 'regressive soul pollution', sinister devices (Kanine, 2010)
viernes, 'sinister devices', sinister devices (Kanine, 2010)
Red Steers, 'Katzenklavier', Lagaluga Lagoon (Low Hum, 2009)
Dream Boat, 'Your Beaches', Fevers EP (AMDISCS, 2010)
On, 'Something That Has Form And Something That Does Not', Something That Has Form And Something That Does Not (Type Records, 2010)
Claviq, '100%', Dumptrot (Amenorea, 2008)
Kraftwerk, 'Elektrisches Roulette', Ralf und Florian (Philips, 1973)
Moderne, 'Switch On Bach', So Young But So Cold - Underground French Music 1977-1983 (Tigersushi, 2004)
Les Visiteurs Du Soir, 'Je T'ecris D'un Pays', Bippp - French Synth Wave 1979-85 (Born Bad Records, 2006)
Vicious Pink Phenomena, 'Je t´aime moi non plus', Je t´aime moi non plus - Maxi (ZYX Records, 1989)
$.99 Dreams, 'rdbmp', 2010 (ninetyninecentdreams, 2010)
Gina X Performance, 'Kaddish', 14 tracks: 1980s Art-Pop infection (Boomkat, 2010)
Circuit 7, 'Eastern Dreams', 14 tracks: 1980s Art-Pop infection (Boomkat, 2010)
Boy Is Fiction, 'Stack Is Bad', Boy Is Fiction (List Records, 2010)
Lorn, 'Bretagne', Nothing Else (Brainfeeder, 2010)
Vincent Markowski, 'The Number Arkiv', Dirty Capsules (DC Recordings, 2008)
LA LAKERS, 'Track 11', silk lettuce whitney houston (Dungeon Taxis, 2009)
Bernard Szajner, 'Welcome (To Deathrow)', So Young But So Cold - Underground French Music 1977-1983 (Tigersushi, 2004)
Kraus, 'Somebody to Crush', The Facts (Dreamtime Taped Sounds, 2007)
Vermillion Sands, 'I Need No One', Miss My Gun (Sacred Bones Records, 2009)
Popol Vuh, 'Die Nacht der Himmel', Nosferatu (reissue, Spalax Music, 1993)

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