Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SESSION 66: At Home With Rose

hiss drone strum


A little bit of everything this week.

Podcasts or listening live? Comments sought from anyone who downloads the podcasts or listens to the show live.

Some new $.99 Dreams this week - new album out voyage to the prehistoric planet.

New discovery: Dead Western. This guy has one amazing voice.

Two tracks by The Ocean Floor - I hear they may be coming to New Zealand on a visit some time soon. Looking forward to catching them live.

Just got tickets to Xiu Xiu. Should be fun - being supported by Glass Vaults. And Low are coming to New Zealand! Very good news.

I've just subscribed to Wire and Yeti, so there are some tracks off their compilation disks that came with recent issues.

jj, "Golden Virginia", nÂș 3 (Secretly Canadian/Sincerely Yours)
Ariel Pink, "A Tomb All Your Own", FF (None)
Todd Rundgren, "I Saw The Light", Something/Anything? (Disk 1) (Bearsville)
Ariel Pink, "Twenty Two Eyes", FF (None)
Yes, "Yesterday and today", Yes (Atlantic)
Dead Western, "So Many Signs", Suckle At The Supple Teats Of Time (Altin Village & Mine Records)
Xiu Xiu, "Muppet Face", La Foret (5 Rue Christine)
The Ocean Floor, "How Many Fingers?", Pop Quiz (Electricity/Lust)
The Ocean Floor, "What Kind?", Pop Quiz (Electricity/Lust)
Glass Vaults, "Set Sail", Glass EP (Sonorous Circle)
$.99 Dreams, "sss", 2010, (ninetycentdreams)
$.99 Dreams, "otlin", 2010, (ninetycentdreams)
$.99 Dreams, "the question remains", voyage to the prehistoric planet, (ninetycentdreams)
viernes, "regressive soul pollution", sinister devices (Kanine)
Leighton Craig, "Roads And Laneways", 10 (Wire)
Amon Duul II, "Sandoz in the Rain (Improvisation)", Yeti (Liberty)
Kraftwerk, "Heimatklange", Ralf Und Florian (Crown Records)
Disco Inferno, "New Clothes For The New World", D.I. Go Pop (Rough Trade Records)
Jackie O Motherfucker, "Good Morning Kaptain", Flags Of The Sacred Harp (ATP Recordings)
Sun Kil Moon, "Alesund", Admiral Fell Promises (Caldo Verde Records)
Vincent Gallo, "Fatty and Skinny", Recordings Of Music For Film (Warp Records)
Pip Proud, "The Love I Gave You Was All I Was", Yeti 9 (Yeti)
Jessica Bailiff, "Warren", Hours Of The Trace (Kranky)
Cursillistas, "Drone (Groan)", Wasp Stings the Last Bitter Flavor (Digitalis Recordings)
Grouper, "Tidal Wave", Dragging A Dead Dear Up A Hill (Type Records)
Grouper, "Cover the Windows and the Walls", Cover the Windows and the Walls (Root Strata)
Modern Woman, "Nu Witch", Yeti 9 (Yeti)


James Anderson said...

Hi Rose. I've podcasted the show once before and listening to the wonderful Vincent Gallo track from no 63 now! Can't see a link to podcast this show though, nor on the Radio23 site :(. Have I got that 'male vision' thing going on?

Rose said...

Hi James. Guess you figured it out cos we been chatting, right? Hope you enjoyed.

Rose said...

Oh, and the podcast of the live show goes up usually half an hour afterwards depending on how much wine or beer i have drunk during the show. But an hour after is a safe bet.