Sunday, July 04, 2004

Sleeping is so niiiiiicce

Oh man. I feel like a new person. Yep, I've been working over the weekend, but it's been from home and the night before last I slept for thirteen hours! I feel like an early night tonight, but there are still a couple of things for the festival that I need to get finished.

We've started looking at houses - checked a few out on the internet and got the paper on Sat morning to suss out the To Let column. Pretty hard for us cos we need lots of room with both SOD and I needing work space, plus room for three teenagers and the dog. My hope is the 7 bedroom house in karori. I thought we could get a boarder or an overseas student to help pay the rent. We looked at one today but it was so ridiculously clean and tidy that I reckon they won't be into tenants with pets. We'll see. The house was nice and big but not really my cuppa tea. Underfloor heating though - mmm. And 3 bathrooms.Fuck we're lucky in New Zealand. Imagine what something like that would cost in London!

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