Wednesday, July 07, 2004


I have a major dilemma on my hands. We've found a house (already!). We went to look at it on Sunday and yesterday we put in an application and found out that they were fine with a dog in the house (our border collie, Laika). It's go what we need although the kids don't get their own lounge and it's not as big as where we are now, although that is difficult to find as this place is pretty huge. BUT I had booked in to go and see a house yesterday morning which I have completely fallen in love with. Dilemma: the house we have signed up for is more practical - it's close to school for Wendy and Jules (walking distance) and close to the train. But it's kinda bland and not very spacious. The other house, in Camborne, is simply amazing. It's architecturally designed, has an indoor swimming pool and views to kill for - open vista of the inlet. The whole place was jaw-droppingly gorgeous. It was like something from House and Garden. BUT it's twenty minutes walk to the train station and the kids would have to take two trains to get to school. Cheaper house (unbelievably!) but more transport time and cost. The kids say they would be fine with that, but I just dunno. I think they would get sick of it. For me, the cost of couriers would be ridiculous and it's about 25-30 mins into the city, something I have to do quite regularly. Oh, and we would need to put up a gate for the dog. Decisions! I hate them!

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