Friday, January 14, 2005

old houses are nicer than new ones

This old house I'm now living in feels like a comfy old cardigan. There's a funny smell in places that hints at mould. It's only a hint, mind, and I think with some open windows and sun it'll probably disappear. There's some really bad wallpaper. Sitting on the stairs the other night talking to Ang on the phone I could see three different floral wallpapers. I think there was a major attempt at redecorating in the mid-eighties when there were all those matching friezes available. A bit naff, but the house itself was built in 1914 and has the sweetest layout. Loads of room - three living areas that open onto each other through double doors, so you can close the areas off if you wanna. Nice. Oh, and an open fireplace. Marshmallow toasting! Oh yeah. I've been trying to get some paintings up on the walls, but haven't got many up there yet. Still got boxes to unpack yet, so that takes precedence. All I want to do all weekend is unpack and settle in, but no! I have to do stinky work, and that's exactly what I should be doing right now, but instead I'm procrasting by blogging. Think I might go to bed soon and procrastinate some more by sleeping and then try and make it an early start in the morning.

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