Tuesday, January 25, 2005

getting back to the music

Yay. Live music feeds my soul. Went out with my friend Michael on Friday night for a night of music and beer. Such a good combination. Oh, and one cigarette which I bludged off my busker friend Simon on Cuba St. Started with a a couple of beers down Courtenay Place (nasty nasty street on a Friday night) and then on to Happy where there was live electronica with Delete! - improvised I'm guessing. Very small crowd - well, I guess you couldn't even call it a crowd. Eight people I'd say. Next to Bodega to see The Inkling. They were great - reminded me of Mogwai in a way. I've decided that I've lost touch with the Wellington live music scene and it must be remedied! It just feels so good to hear live music - when it's good music that is. On Saturday I dropped Michael off to the airport - he's off to Rotterdam, Berlin and then Paris, working for the Film Festival, spending days on end watching movies. Oh, what a hard job! Actually, I would say it would be very hard to stay focused and objective, making judgment calls on what audiences back here would like to see in the Film Festival. He's lent me a bunch of CDs while he's gone. He is the biggest buyer of music that I know. Lucky me - twelve new CDs to listen to. Mainly hiphop imports. Yay.


ESP said...

Oh come ON! You can't just say "hip hop imports" and not elaborate.. !

Rose said...

Oh yes I can! Oh well, okay then - here's a selection. I'm not up to listing the lot. There's a couple of DJ Rupture (DJ Rupture vs Mutamassik, the Bidoun Sessions + 58.46 radio mix), Devin the Dude (To Tha X-treme), a fair bit of Diplo, lots of pirate mixes that he's downloaded. Oh and some Hollertronix stuff from Philly. And something called Fuck Action. There, that's almost all of it. I haven't listened to much of it yet. Gotta be in the mood. It's noisy and my kids don't like it. Hey, isn't that meant to be the other way raound, goddamnit!

s. said...

Oh, oh, oh, round would be the correct answer, I believe, Selwyn. *splutter*

And, er, wotdafuck is goddamnit?