Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bad eighties decorating

I really do love this new house I'm renting, but it's such a pity about the bad wallpaper. Probably the height of suburban sophistication in the 80s, it's not really stood the test of time. No, when I sat on the stairs while I was on the phone the other day and noticed that I could see three different wallpapers all in one go, I knew it was really too much. Especially the matching friezes. They suck. But I've kinda got attached to the big dark rosy floral number. I almost like it. In the upstairs bathroom they got into the entire matching gig - the tiles have a matching motif to the blinds. Eugh!


llew said...

Holy hell... it looks like you flat at my place!

Seriously. ALthough that rosy wallpaper is in our lounge (until we get around to painting over it), it's probably french, and very expensive, or so the lady who sold us our place told us. Maybe she decorated yours too.

and our stair bannister is still natural wood.

llew said...

I painted it on Saturday. Blanc.

Rose said...

I rent. (I have to learn to live with it.) You should see the stuff in the kitchen. It looks like faux cross stitch. V stylish. Glad to hear you are able to make amends at your place.

llew said...

Must be similar houses I think - 1915 Arts & Craft (according to the blurb when we bought it). kelburn.

Looks like you have our doors too - although the previous owners of ours stripped the paint off all of the wood. But they didn't do a very good job, there are remnants of bright yellow (!?) and forest green paint everywhere.

SO we're tastefully repainting much of it. it's either that, or replace all the doors & windows & we didn't win lotto yet.

Although, the stairway bannister is lovely & will remain natural wood.