Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Had to happen

Just couldn't help myself. Went in to Real Groovy to get tickets for tomorrow night to hear The Handsome Family and just HAD to buy a couple of CDs. I've had a credit note slowly getting more and more crumpled at the bottom of my purse and thought it was high time it was used. (At the end of last year I'd had a bit of a cleanout of the CD collection and took a few items in to get rid of. Real Groovy is handy like that. Of course, it has to be in okay condition and something that someone might wanna buy.) Because Handsome Family are playing at Indigo I thought about the last time I went to a great gig there, and that has to be Will Oldham, so I bought Bonnie Prince Billie - "master and everyone" and "ease down the road". Got the first one on the player now. mmm mmm. so good. You'll note there's no hyper links here. Can't be bothered. If it interests you, then Google!!

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