Sunday, February 06, 2005

Myers-Briggs types

I've been spending some time again looking at my Myers-Briggs personality type. For anyone who's never looked into this, try this online test. I'm an ENFJ - about 5% of the population. We're nice, but I reckon we must have a bit of a martyr thing going on - always trying to help other people. I'd really like to get a book about it and maybe do a more comprehensive test - 72 questions doesn't seem enough. For a personality quiz, though, it's pretty spot-on, but I'd just like to know more. Last time I took it I think my results were a bit more extreme. I must be mellowing with age. Or having an off day. Being moderate sounds awfully dull.

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s. said...

Rose. for you and Ange I took the test, and...

Your Type is

I don't know what these mean:

Strength of preferences Introverted 89% Intuitive 25% Thinking 38% Perceiving 22%

and I don't know where you get your 'percent of the population' from.