Monday, January 16, 2006

(Yet) another list

Cheers to Paintergirl for this one:

4 places you've been on vacation
Bali, Sydney, Moeraki (NZ), Maubisse (East Timor)

4 websites you visit daily
lillyslounge,Pointless and Absurd, Paintergirl, Mick O'Grady

4 favorite foods
fresh strawberries, oysters, french cheeses, belgian chocolate truffles

4 places you'd rather be
London, Prague, Paris, Rome (although I have never been to any of these - one day!)

4 albums you can't live without: Broken Social Scene (You Forgot it in People), Neil Young (On the Beach), Bob Marley (Kaya), Bailter Space (Tanker)

4 vehicles you've owned: Toyota Starlet (pooh brown, according to my kids), Wine Red Rover (current vehicle and much improved on the pooh brown Starlet) and some old thing I can't remember before that. I think it was a Vauxhall...

4 jobs you've had in your life: waitress at Cobb & Co, shop assistant at an antique and gift store, manager of the Reprographic Department of a polytechnic college, evening job laying out ads at the local newspaper

4 movies you could watch over and over: Donnie Darko, Coffee and Cigarettes, Songs from the Second Floor, Labyrinth (spelling?!)

4 TV shows you love to watch: Shortland Street, The Office, Trailer Park Boys, Malcolm in the Middle

1 comment:

paintergirl said...

Oh good Rose. I'm glad you did this. Oh Bali...would love to go there one day. Do you guys go to Australia often?
And you did paste-up too? I think we still have a box of border tape somewhere. I almost put stripping down as one of my jobs, but I didn't think people would know I wasn't an exotic dancer. I have to look up Songs from the Second Floor.