Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Berlin @ Wellington

Some great music nights coming up at Mighty Mighty as a collaboration with the Goethe Institut. I plan to get to these three...

Friday 2 March - Bonaparte - Bang Bang Berlin Live show - solo new-electro-trash-punk darling Bonaparte via Bern, Barcelona and Berlin and now….The Mighty Mighty, 10pm
DJ Steffen Schoeler from Berlin’s beloved quirksters dwfb. He’ll be coming straight off the plane from Berlin to Cuba St central, 12pm
The infamous Bar 25 Vodka Slide - The hottest craze from the Party Capital straight off the ice. It’s a license to pash as well as being the most fantastic way to drink vodka!

[Hmm, this Vodka slide sounds like it could be amusing... Apparently it involves vodka, lots of ice, and pashing]

Thursday 8 March - Micro-pop Queen Barbara Morgenstern (Berlin) and Fred Avril (Paris) for a night of lush sounds with “The Society For the Promotion of A Fantastic Way of Life” who’s electronic music is drawn largely from German labels including Morr Music, Monika Enterprise, City Centre Offices, Alien Transistor & Dial Records." 10pm.
PPC from 5pm

Friday 9 March - Blood Sausage, Leather and Beer featuring
Kapitan Krautrock und Freunde with German beer and sausage specials for lovers of Tangerine Dream, Faust, Can, Amon Düül

If I have only one night to choose, it's gonna be Barbara Morgenstern.


paintergirl said...

How much fun are you going to have. This sounds like you'll have a great time. I can't keep up with you and the music. Kapitan Krautrock sounds crazy and I wish I could go.

s. said...

Ich bin der Kapitan!

paintergirl said...

how were the shows Rose?

Rose said...

Ah well, I've missed the first two shows because I've had other things on, but I'm going to Kapitan Krautrock und Freunde tonight.