Monday, February 19, 2007

File this!

Listening to: On the Beach, Neil Young

I've taken an office in town. I've had to put all work on hold for a day to get myself into my office and I just started the gruelling task tonight of archiving my files. This is five years of files to sort through: bin what will never be needed ever again, archive into boxes what will be possibly be needed at some later date, and put aside the files I want to take to the new office. It's not a pretty sight in my dining room right now - so far there are three two-foot high piles of A4 paper that is the "bin" category, seven archived boxes of files and I'm up to T. So almost there. I'll get this cut tonight and then tomorrow is tidying day and then it's onto packing down computer gear and figuring what else I'll need to shift down to the office. Then at some stage I'll need to clean up the resulting carnage in my sunroom. I'll be glad when this is all over and I'm ensconced in my nice new office with my two friends (who are well organised and have already been there for a week). And then I'll be posting some photos, oh yes I will.

Oh and the highlight of the evening was finding something unpleasant that a cat had done behind the filing shelves. Nice.


paintergirl said...

Oh good for you!! I'm excited for you-new space, getting out of the house. This will be so nice for you.And I'm anxiously waiting for pics!!

Rose said...

Yes, it's going to be great! I wonder if my office mates will be camera shy... I imagine they might be.

Lilly said...

Hiya Rose -- I've been pretty crap at blogging recently; I do apologise. It's good to see you're back in blogger-business, dear :-)

Good for your about the new office space; glad to hear it. I too look forward to seeing some photos :-) Hope you made it through all the filing; that must be tough work but very rewarding in the end. We're currently snowed in so we're trying to work our way through our folders, cupboards, piles of crap, boxes, etc.....
Oohhh...and so: what am I doing in front of the pc?! LOL!