Monday, August 10, 2009

SESSION 26: At Home With Rose

The Not-New-Zealand-Music radio show


Firstly, this pic is a piece I just exhibited at Thermostat Gallery's annual group show, Vent. It's called 'Now Hear The Word Of The Lord'. It sold at the show, which makes me pretty happy and very encouraged to keep on with making art.

There's no New Zealand music this week. It's not that I'm bored with New Zealand noise, drone etc. I just felt like having a bit more variety. So here we are. A slice of other sounds. Variety. The spice of life and all that.

I have nothing to much to say this week, except enjoy the music. Oh, and that the tracks by Nightshift are by my friend Vladimir from Yaroslavl in Russia. And they are GOOD. There's a Foxy review here.

Cologne Sequentia Ensemble for Medieval Music, Laus Trinitati, Hildegard Von Bingen: Voice Of The Blood, RCA. (1:36)
Popol Vuh, Mantra 2, Nosferatu, Spalax Music. (3:51)
paul condon, bloom of ma worryhood, Grain: A Compilation Of 99 Short Tracks, Dot Dot Dot Music. (0:44)
es, Kaikkeuden Kauneus Ja Käsittämättömyys, Kaikkeuden Kauneus Ja Käsittämättömyys, (K-RAA-K)³. (9:25)
Fabio Orsi, 3 Untitled, I'm ep here, private press. (4:58)
Kites, Hallucination Guillotine, Hallucination Guillotine/Final Worship, Load Records. (4:44)
Nightshift, du, Nightshift EP, 267 Lattajjaa. (6:13)
Nightshift, glon, Nightshift EP, 267 Lattajjaa. (3:22)
Nightshift, ongum, Nightshift EP, 267 Lattajjaa. (6:46)
Nightshift, bab, Nightshift EP, 267 Lattajjaa. (6:54)
Vincent Gallo, Goodbye Sadness, Hello Death, Recordings of Music for Film, Warp Records. (1:13)
The Dead Texan, Taco Me Manque, The Dead Texan, Kranky. (2:36)
Benoit Pioulard, Moth Wings, Précis, Kranky. (1:17)
Benoit Pioulard, Hirondelle, Précis, Kranky. (2:23)
Fennesz, Laguna, Venice, Touch. (2:56)
Anal Magic & Rev. Dwight Frizzell, Destruction - Slaying Of Hyperion, Drowning Of Helio, Suicide Of Selene And The Wandering Madness Of Basilea, Beyond the Black Crack, Paradigm Disks. (2:24)
Black Moth Super Rainbow, Lake Feet, Falling Through a Field, Graveface Records. (2:20)
Shoeb Ahmad, Mixed Doubles, Mixed Double EP, hellosQuare Recordings. (4:59)
Bardo Pond, Be A Fish, Amanita, Matador. (4:42)
Jackie-O-Motherfucker, Hey Mr. Sky, Flags Of The Sacred Harp, ATP Recordings. (6:47)
Fursaxa, Of Tubal Cain, Alone in the Dark Wood, ATP Recordings. (2:24)
Jessica Bailiff, Beautiful Soul, even in silence, Kranky. (9:30)
Hush Arbors, People Died Today, Hush Arbors, Ecstatic Peace! (3:42)
Ping Pong Parrot, Lightning storms make psychic debris come to life, Scattershot Bill's 7 Day Safari, (3:41)
Animal Collective, Penguin penguin, Danse Manatee, FatCat Records. (2:12)
Jessica Bailiff with The Dithering Effect, Renee, Jessica Bailiff with The Dithering Effect, Resonant. (4:26)
Tenniscoats, One swan swim, Tan-Tan Therapy, Häpna. (6:03)
Blixa Bargeld, Little Yellow, Jukebox Buddha, Staubgold. (1:08)
Boredoms, 777, Rebore Vol. 0, Warner Music. (7:26)
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Holly Hobby (version), Etiquette, Tomlab. (2:44)
Chamellows, Rooftops, Rat Hearts, Fonal Records. (1:51)

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