Monday, August 17, 2009

SESSION 27: At Home With Rose

Guitars play my heartstrings


My mum used to have an Andrès Segovia record that was always one of my favourites. The sound of an acoustic guitar has always had a way of making me feel great. There's the link of home - my bro strumming on his guitar on a sunny morning was always a relaxing background sound. We had a boarder staying at our house when I was young who was a classical guitarist and used to practice (which made my mother swoon). I wasn't planning on any kind of theme to Session 27, but I notice there is one - acoustic guitar seems to thread it's way through the tracks, and that works for me.

Of particular note is the glorious fourteen-and-a-half minute track by Jack Rose (of Pelt).

I have to also mention an online friend, Eduardo Padilla, who runs Umor-Rex Records in Mexico. He has two of his own musical projects: Molloy And His Bike (his experimental folk) and Ping Pong Parrot (his digitally produced tracks). Umor-Rex is a wonderful net label where you can download albums by the artists they represent - for free - complete with artwork you can cut up as covers for the CDs if you care to burn them. It's all about the music. Eduardo is pretty busy with another label, too, Dog Eared Records.

Of course, I had to end with some Andrès Segovia. Just for me dear old mum.

One last thing I want to say - no more New Zealand only shows. I had far too good a time last week mixing it up.

Gong, Wet Cheese Delirium, Camembert Electrique, Charly. (0:35)
Telafonica, Time and Distance, New Weird Australia, Volume One, (6:32)
Dsic, Help Enfolding, Ambiences 1, If Records. (2:30)
Sunn O))) & Boris, The Sinking Bell (Blue Sheep), Altar, Southern Lord. (7:38)
Douglas Lilburn, soundscape with lake and river, Complete Electro-Acoustic Works, Naxos. (11:05)
Matmos, Semen Song For James Bidgood, The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast, Matador Records. (5:02)
Silver Apples, Lovefingers, Silver Apples, Whirlybird Records. (4:13)
Frey, therefore, cronica_demo, (3:04)
Stars of the Lid, 24 inch cymbal, The Ballasted Orchestra, Kranky. (5:55)
Grouper, Travelling Through A Sea, Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill, Type. (4:24)
Max Richter, Arboretum, The Blue Notebooks, Fat Cat. (2:54)
Ballrooms of Mars, untitled 04, Cedre, Nexsound. (5:04)
Horticultural Compass, Moss Urn, The Apparition of Bees, Jewelled Antler. (6:40)
Molloy and His Bike, The distance between a chair and a table, Oblivion's Fiery Limelight, Dog Eared Records. (4:12)
The Muons, little star, Heat & Birds: Jewelled Antler Collective, Jewelled Antler. (3:51)
Jack Rose, Red Horse, Red Horse, White Mule, Eclipse Records. (14:48)
Molloy And His Bike, Kaspar gets reflected, Spiraltown Cartographers, (3:11)
Brightback Morning Light, amber canyon magik, Brightback morning light, Matador Records. (4:54)
Molloy And His Bike, I Refused to Chase My Hat, Uphill, Downhill, (3:11)
Autistic Daughters, Liquid and Starch, Uneasy Flowers, Phantom Sound & Vision. (4:32)
Josephine Foster & The Supposed, Nana, All The Leaves Are Gone, Locust. (4:30)
Psychic TV, Only Love Can Break Your Heart, The Bridge - A Tribute To Neil Young, No. 6 / Number Six. (6:08)
Arthur Russell, Losing my taste for the night time, Another Thought, Orange Mountain Music. (4:33)
Andres Segovia & John Williams, J.S. Bach: Sarande, The Art of the Guitar, Madacy Records. (4:11)


Unknown said...

hell to the yes to letting slide the nz-only shows! i knew yr passion would extend far, FAR beyond those constraints.. and can't wait to hear more from your perspective, sister!! xo

Anonymous said...

These mixes look great! I'm preparing a tribute show for Jack Rose and I seem to have lost my cd copy of Jack's two Eclipse lp's. Kicking myself. But this is a nice consolation.
The show will be archived at, btw.
Oh and thanks!