Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SESSION 47: At Home With Rose

Black Metal vs Doom Metal

Mother and son battle it out for metal supremacy!


Just in case anyone is confused, I'm heading Team Doom and Jules, my son, is heading Team Black.

It's gonna be big. It's gonna be dark.

Hells yeah!


Venom, 'Black Metal', Black Metal, Neat [3:46]

Boris, ‘Introduction’, Akuma No Uta, Southern Lord Records [9:41]
Mercyful Fate, 'Come to the Sabbath', Don't Break the Oath, Roadrunner (previously by Combat) [5:19]

Bloody Panda, ‘Fever’, Kayo Dot / Bloody Panda Split 12” vinyl, Holy Roar [11:14]
Bathory, 'Bestial Lust'', The Return of Darkness and Evil, Black Mark Productions [2:41]

Anathema, ‘Lovelorn Rhapsody’, Serenade, Peaceville Records [6:25]
Darkthrone, 'Paragon Belial', A Blaze in the Northern Sky, Peaceville Records [5:25]

OM, ‘Kapila’s Theme’, Variations on a Theme, Holy Mountain [11:59]
Burzum, 'Lost Wisdom', Det Som Engang Var, Cymophane [4:38]

Black Mayonnaise, ‘Spherics’, Ttssattsr, Emperor Jones [9:02]
Mayhem, 'Life Eternal', De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Deathlike Silence [6:57]

Acid Witch, ‘Beastly Brew’, Witchtanic Hellucinations, Razorback Records [2:01]
Behemoth, 'Spellcraft and Heathendom', Grom, Solistitium [4:51]

The Angelic Process, ‘Burning In The Undertow Of God’, Weighing Souls With Sand, Profound Lore Records [6:47]
Melechesh, 'As Jerusalem Burns...Al'Intisar', As Jerusalem Burns...Al'Intisar, Breath of Night Records [6:55]

Goblin Cock, ‘The Revenge of Snufalufagus’, Bagged and Boarded, Kosher Records [2:25]
Immortal, 'Solarfall', At the Heart of Winter, Osmose [6:03]

Thergothon, ‘The Unknown Kadath in The Cold Waste’, Stream From The Heavens, Avantgarde Music [3:54]
Melechesh, 'A Summoning of Ifrit and Genii (1998 Demo)', The Ziggurat Scrolls, Profound Lore Records [7:24]

Necro Deathmort, ‘Origami Werewolf’, The Beat is Necrortonic, Distraction Records [2:50]

… and the winner on the night was… METAL!



s. said...

LOL you crazy kids. Can I come over? :))

Rose said...

oh! You so could have if I had checked the comments in time! You'll have to come over soon for another show. This one was pretty entertaining.

Paul said...

Ha, cool. I've been buying some Black metal lately. Marbecks here in Dunedin had some. Burzum 'Filosom' and 'Del Som Engang Var'(amazing, getit on vinyl) and Gorgoroth "Pentagram".
I always thought Cauchi had a good voice for Black Metal...

s. said...

Paul gimme a yell next time you are in Wgtn and you wanna come around and check out my collection of black, doom, and thrash metal vinyl :)

s. said...

Black Metal: the real deal

Paul said...

Haha..great pic. And yes, would love to check out yr collection. Will bring beer!

s. said...

Jesus Christ... Varg Vikernes

"so why do you think he killed him?"

"so he did go to prison, ay?"

If EVER there were two people who MORE need to read Lords of Darkness, I can't see them from here.

You can borrow mine, k?

Rose said...

yeah sweet.