Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SESSION 57: At Home With Rose

The Hissing of Winter Fires


It's likely this is going to be podcast to the wonderful Foxy Digitalis, so it's a dual-purpose show this week.

Mostly low-fi, mostly new(ish) with a splash of old NZ tracks for good measure. My fave has got to be the delicious White Hinterland from Portland, Oregon. Just recently discovered them and am enjoying their poppy other-worldly tunes. When I say mostly low-fi, well, this is one that isn't.

Portland is well represented in this mix I've just realised, with Grouper and Bugskull also included. I'm going to visit Portland in about a year's time. There, it's on record now, so I have to do it! Lot's of people to visit, that's for sure.

'Little Wig' off the new album by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti is also rather lovely.

Zs, "MMW I (Part 1)", Music of the Modern White, The Social Registry (2009). 5:17
Z.S.L.O., "422189", An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008, Sub Rosa (2009). 3:04
Grant Beran, "Attachment", The Another Ones, Postmoderncore (2008). 2:32
(VxPxC), "Shaherrazad", i see a fire in the distance, Ruralfaune (2007). 10:45
Claypipe, "~~~", Jewelled Antler Library, Porter Records (2008). 1:44
Bugskull, "hazy window", Communication, Digitalis (2009). 3:47
Horticultural Compass, "The Primeval Glaze", The Apparition of Bees, Jewelled Antler (2005). 3:29
Armpit, "50: Armpit", The Year of the Root, Root Don Lonie for Cash. 10:04
Greg Malcolm, "Art", Leather and Lacy, Interregnum (2009). 4:41
K-Group, "artificial sound disc", K-Group, Corpus Hermeticum (1997). 12:14
Grouper, "Everyone in Turn", Transmissions From Sinai, Arthur (2009). 3:10
Gate, "PI.Quad.15.1", My Dear Sweet Reluctant Sweetheart, Hell's Half Halo (1999). 5:47
Seht, "We Can Speak Quite Freely ('Evocation Of The Apparition Of Babel' Remix)", The Voice Of The Taniwha, Last Visible Dog (2003). 7:36
The Shitty Listener, "The Burst Heart", Crying Sweater, Ruralfaune (2009). 12:20
Roy Montgomery, "Nor' Wester Head-On/The Last Kakapo Dreams Of Flying", Scenes From The South Islands, Drunken Fish Records (1995). 7:02
Alastair Galbraith, "Fall", Morse and Gaudylight, Emperor Jones (1996). 3:06
Kuupuu, "Lentokalojen Hautuumaa", Kevatlauluja, Not On Label (2004). 2:38
White Hinterland, "Huron", Kairos, Dead Oceans (2010). 5:12
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, "Little Wig", Before Today, 4AD (2010). 5:47
Kitchen's Floor, "Deadshits", Loneliness is a Dirty Mattress, R.I.P. Society (2009). 2:08
Vermillion Sands, "Where Was He From", Miss My Gun, Sacred Bones Records (2009). 4:06
Thee Oh Sees, "Blood In Your Ear", Blood In Your Ear, Rock Is Hell Records (2009). 2:35


Unknown said...

i just got chills seeing that yr including the Grouper track i sent you... xoxox

Rose said...

I just had to - it's so beautiful.