Sunday, June 13, 2004

getting out and about in the real world

They've let me out! I'm actually having a life this weekend, and a busy one it is, too. Friday night was spent having a quiet one while SOD went out to visit a mate - lay around on the couch not doing very much at all. Saturday - went off to see a doco at Out Takes Gay & Lesbian Film Festival called Venus of Mars. Really loved it - totally uplifting and honest story of a transgender man (Venus) living in a relationship with his wife of 20 years. They're an amazing couple - very inspiring. Venus is lead singer/guitarist in a band called All the Pretty Horses - dark glam rock - who are on tour in conjunction with the release of the documentary. I met a few of them and also the filmmaker because I had done their poster - when I heard from the Out Takes crew that Pretty Horses were coming over I volunteered to do the poster for them and anything else I could do to help cos they were on a shoestring budget. Anyway, tonight they are going to play tonight at Bodega bar. Yay! It's gonna be fun. Getting dollied up - might put on my big fuck-off shelly boots and get my hair teased ad coloured up. Might even manage getting a pic up on the old blog.

Oh, but there's more! As part of the Prospect show on at the mo' at the local galleries, there was a sound art performance up at Adam Art Gallery at the University. Cool, cool. Not many people there really, although the small amount of seats would have been 3/4 full. Small interest group I guess. Not everyone's cuppa tea, but we reall liked it. Something to close your eyes and get lost in. Big soundscapes, pretty much all computer generated, but not cold at all - some of it was very organic sounding. Nice.

And today we went to see The Life and Times of Count Luchino Visconti, a BBC doco on the renowned Italian filmmaker. It's spurred us on to see some of his films, which we will try and do soon while the doco is fresh in our minds. Interesting man - apparently a communist since his 20s, but happy to live a life being waited on by 8 servants who he hardly ever spoke to. Bit of a dichotomy. Guess he had his ideology, but didn't manage to live by it. There were some shots of the houses he was brought up in - his father was a duke in Milan and he lived the life of the privileged few. I wouldn't have minded living in one of those castles. They were prety freaking cool.

And so.... just cooking dinner, and waiting for the lovely Angela and Ben to turn up and drink some wine with us before we head out. Angie's gonna help me with my hair.

Have been listening to Franz Ferdinand and it's growing on me. But you're right Mr Couper, the first few tracks are the best.

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