Friday, June 18, 2004

the launch

Had a good night going to the launch of the programme last night. We stood at the door of the theatre and handed out "goodie bags" (having a big sponsor like Telecom this year allows us to do these things). It was funny how some people looked suspiciously, thinking we were foisting some kind of unwanted advertising on them or something. But once they opened their bags and saw choccies, bottle of water, pen, pad, blah blah, they were okay of course. The flick was Touching the Void - pretty good doco. Amazing shots of the mountains of Peru. Totally incredible tale of bravery and sheer madness. Dinner afterwards at the Grand Century was delicious. Feeling a bit jaded and weary today even though it wasn't all that late. Fridays I guess! Started the morning at the local beautician's with a leg wax. Yow! I just never get used to the pain of my bikini line hair being ripped out by the roots. If you ever wanted to torture someone...


karmablackout said...

i was just reading your profile and two things struck me. You have found the fountain of youth, judging from the picture, and i saw you like jim o'rourke. I just saw sonic youth play live at asbury park. great show... thurston moore went nuts, unfortunately jim was on the other side of the stage. i think when thurston plays everyone stays away... it gets dangerous. Anyways your interests seem cool and im just noting randomly.

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