Thursday, June 24, 2004

Happy Birthday to ME

Well, 40 ain't so bad. Not that I thought it would be. I had an unfortunate moment on the second day of my 40s where that stupid stupid song from 80s (?) "Life Begins at Forty" got stuck in my head. I think part of it was that my brains were very very fried from the celebrations the night before. It had all started off very sedately - brunch with my kids, then a crazed shopping expedition with SOD where we bought 24 DVDs (!) at a sale and then some cute black boots for me, as well as a new black jacket for SOD cos his old one is a bit holey and paint-stained, from wearing it on cold nights in the studio. The evening began with drinks, then, since I didn't know what restaurant we were going to, SOD hald his hand over my eyes during the trip to the restuarant. Francois! Lovely little french place. The food was fanatastic. Big surprise at the end was THE most delicious cake. From there it was a few bars and much deliberation at about 3am as to what to do next. We ended up at a strip bar. Blimey. The night's all a bit hazy from there - not hazy enough to block out the memory of me getting a bit friendly with the staff... enough said. Not the kind of place I would normally go - not out of prudishness, but just that I find it exploitative and sleazy, but it was interesting. A very memorable birthday. It was weird checking into our hotel room at 5.30am. God we must have looked a sight. Some photos will be posted soon! None from the strip club fortunately.

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