Monday, June 07, 2004

More on music

When I bought my music in the weekend I had been shopping with SOD who also made some purchases. I commented afterwards that it was funny how he always buys the old stuff and I always buy the new stuff. Funny because I'm the older one by six years. His is normally stuff that he used to listen to but either has sold off, lost along the way, or never owned. Unfortunately his nostalgia crosses into mine only occasionally with the likes of David Bowie or some old Dunedin stuff. Some of it I don't at all like, and I'm sure the same goes with my choices. I think that on the whole though, we tend to have similar taste in music which I think is a really important thing. I can't imagine having disparate musical tastes. Imagine if my boyfriend liked Bucks Fizz (no offence Angie-baby, in case you fancied them!). But having a bit of your own thing going on with music as well, like SOD's boysie-noisie stuff and some of my more mainstream hip hop, is probably a healthy thing as long as you don't drive each other crazy with it.

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