Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Such abundance!

I'm feeling a music glut is going on. Just saw The Handsome Family, and have The Shins coming up (very very excited about that), and today I just spotted a poster telling me that Cat Power will be here on Monday! How good is that!? So I got myself tickets for CP on Monday night - Valentines Day, so am heading off to the gig with SOD. Should be a goodie. It's on at the Paramount Theatre. I saw Kristin Hersch there and really like it. The fact that it isn't a pub means that I'll actually get to hear the music instead of people's chatter.

Got loads and loads of work on at the moment. Missed out on the contract for the Consumer magazine, but it was down to five people, so I did pretty well. Not too worries - I think if I had won the contract I would have go myself in the poop. Too much work, not enough time. I already find that most days anyway, so it would have been pretty scary. Probably would have had to hire someone and I'm really not into being an employer. Boring.

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s. said...

I'm sure that you meant to write "have got myself in the poop", didn't you, dumbass.