Thursday, May 14, 2009

Floyd the Phenomenal Cat Trophy

I wanna plug this guy. Floyd the Phenomenal Cat Trophy. I found him somehow or other on MySpace and ordered his CD (a data disk actually, of three albums of phenomenally wonderful lo-fi tracks in three handy bit-rates!). His voice is reminiscent of Peter Murphy's of Bauhaus, or even Paul Banks of Interpol. Deep and powerful. He can sing along sweetly, then suddenly roar in a powerful bass growl. Fuck, I love it. His songs are interesting. They have that feeling of Daniel Johnsonesque intimacy. With song titles like "things my robot said in a song for Bedt" and "summer as a fuckface" you know you're gonna want to listen hard and hear his lyrics. The instrumentation is pretty standard but nicely done. Drums, some organ drone, strumming guitar - nothing fancy. But that voice. He's phenomenal alright. Someone sign him! If I had a label, I would.

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