Monday, May 11, 2009

SESSION 15: At Home With Rose

Lullaby Droneland


This week's show is for going to sleep to. This drone differs to this drone. Or is it hum?

Sweet dreams. xx

By the way, if anyone wants to chat to me during the show, you can contact me via the Chat facility on

Claypipe, ~~~, Jewelled Antler Library Vol. 8: Wayside. Jewelled Antler (1:44)
CJA, 5:05, Ironclad, Last Visible Dog (5:10)
Lovely Midget, silent folk song, self titled. Corpus Hermeticum (1:33)
James Kirk, Lips, A Lowtides Rising (Explorations around the theme of NZ acoustic music). Pseudo Arcana (1:59)
Swung, Dudi, Voice and Key. Pseudo Arcana (4:26)
Gate (3), PlQuad.15.1, My Dear Sweet Reluctant Sweetheart. Hell's Half Halo (5:47)
RST, Crystalline, Axes, Last Visible Dog (5:53)
Tim Coster, Mornings, Mornings. Pseudo Arcana (2:36)
Torben Tilly, Droszkhi's Gate, Audio Foundation Audio Files. Creative Commons (5:18)
Rosy Parlane, Part 1, Iris, Touch (19:10)
David Khan, Sunlight (edit), Audio Foundation Audio Files. Creative Commons (5:40)
seht, B3. TDOB, HRRY. Digitalis Recordings (3:52)
seht, jet raga, dronemusic. Celebrate/Psi/Phenomenon (4:09)
seht, valles marineris, The Green Morning. Digitalis Recordings (10:32)
seht, skin, Application Antarctica Download Form. Celebrate/Psi/Phenomenon (18:26)
Lovely Midget, Raudive Rain, North Head. Family Vineyard (5:55)
Kneale.Francis.Milton, Hiss Methodology IV, Hiss Methodologies. Celebrate/Psi/Phenomenon (22:16)

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