Tuesday, May 05, 2009

SESSION 14: At Home With Rose



Two hours of Greg Malcolm. Selections from five albums. On Radio23 from 7-9pm Tuesday night NZ time.

The playlist includes Greg's new album, out this year: Leather and Lacy

Homesick for Nowhere (Corpus Hermeticum)
Lonely Woman (6:56)
Homesick for Nowhere (5:03)
Chairman Mao (6:49)
Blues for Aida (6:12)
Strawberry Fields (1:33)
Oderbruch (3:59)
Incident at Owl Creek (6:56)

Swimming in it (K-RAA-K)³
Swimming in it (8:07)

Leather And Lacy (Interregnum Records)
Prayer (8:21)
The Crust (9:05)
Art (4:41)
Bone (2:05)
Ducks (7:29)
Blues For Aida (4:41)
Life On It's Way (5:27)

Hung (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
Ghost From The Past (4:48)
Drops (1:07)
The Bells (4:11)
Shipwreck (4:22)
Pretty Flash (2:41)
Maltronics (3:15)
Glow (1:45)

What is it, Keith? (Proper Music)
Moral Outlaw (3:31)
It's Popular Music (1:07)
Amazing Grace (1:26)
Art (4:26)
Some Kinda Kiwiana Exhibition (0:55)
Scandal in the Wind (5:37)

(Artwork for cover of What is it, Keith is by Bill Hammond, I noticed.)

An interview from the Christchurch Library website! Heh.

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