Tuesday, June 01, 2010

SESSION 55: At Home With Rose

Songs For Mourning


Rest in Peace my dear dad: Brian Clarence Miller
21 September 1933 — 7 May 2010

Note: I am now broadcasting on the Room 111 stream of Radio23. For talented listeners only.

I'm back after a few months break from the show. I have not been able to listen to anything jangly or loud or abrupt since my dad's death. So here are some songs to mark my Dad's passing. The kind of songs that are helping me to get through and come out the other side.

The first two songs were amongst those we chose for Dad's funeral service.

(Some are a little tongue-in-cheek towards the end, cos you have to keep a sense of humour.)

My dad was a big reader of my blog. I found out that once, when I had taken a break from blogging, he had downloaded my entire blog because he thought it was going to be deleted from the web. I never knew he was that interested in our lives. I've found out since that this was not true. His friends told us how much he talked of us. How proud he was.

Love you, my papa. x

Mantovani, "Colors of My Life (As Used in the Film Inland Empire)", Inland Empire Soundtrack, Ryko/Absurda/ David Lynch M.C. [3:51]
Jade Warrior, "Morning Hymn", Last Autumn's Dream, Repertoire Records (UK) Ltd, [3:36]
Vincent Gallo, "A Cold And Grey Summer Day", Recordings Of Music For Film, Warp Records. [4:30]
David Sylvian, "Laughter and Forgetting", Everything and Nothing, Virgin Records. [2:34]
Jessica Bailiff, "Beautiful Soul", Even In Silence, Kranky. [9:30]
Andrew Chalk & Daisuke Suzuki, "Of Beauty Reminiscing", 'In Faxfleet Clouds Uplifted Autumn Gave Passage To Kind Nature', Faraway Press. [7:14]
Fathmount (Wilson Lee), "A Yoke Of Oxen", An Anthology Of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008, Sub Rosa. [4:58]
Benoit Pioulard, "Together & Down", Précis, Krannky. [3:08]
Boards of Canada, "Farewell Fire", The Campfire Headphase, Warp Records. [8:28]
Windy & Carl, "Through The Portal", Portal, Ba Da Bing! [8:12]
Grouper, "We've All Gone To Sleep", Dragging A Dead Dear Up A Hill, Type Records. [3:03]
Chihei Hatakeyama, "Towards A Tranquil Marsh", Minima Moralia, Kranky. [4:46]
sun kil moon, "last tide", ghosts of the great highway, Jetset Records. [2:56]
Islaja, "Sateen Tullessa", Blaze Mountain Recordings, Ecstatic Peace! [4:18]
Antony And The Johnsons, "Sprialling", I Am A Bird Now, Secretly Canadian. [4:25]
Stars of the Lid, "Articulate Silences Part 2", And Their Refinement of the Decline, Kranky. [5:37]
Koen Holtkamp, "You mean the world to me", Field Rituals, Type Records. [2:41]
Arthur Russell, "Goodbye Old Paint", Love Is Overtaking Me, Audika. [3:41]
Chad VanGaalen, "Graveyard", Skelliconnection, Sub Pop. [3:52]
Great Lake Swimmers, "I could be nothing", Bodies and Minds, Faro Records. [5:17]
Kuupuu, "Lentokalojen Hautuumaa", Kevatlauluja, Not On Label. [2:38]
Mono, "Holy", Under the Pipal Tree, Tzadik. [1:41]
Akron/Family, "Onward", Tour Album, Not On Label. [6:00]
Sigur Rós, "Svefn-g-englar", Ágætis Byrjun, FatCat Records. [10:04]


Brett said...

It's lovely to have you bad, I was really starting to miss your wonderful show. Sorry to hear about your dad, my heart goes out to you.

Brett said...

ARGH!!! Back, not bad. That Typo was as bad as Andy Hayden.

Rose said...

Hey Brett. Will be very very good to be back.

No, not as bad as Andy Hayden, I can assure you!

Drop by and say hi tomorrow night if you are listening...

Anonymous said...
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Tom Ackroyd said...

I haven't listened to At Home in a while, but I've just downloaded heaps of shows. I'm listening to 54 now while I work. So peaceful.

Looking forward to hearing the songs for your Dad. Best wishes, and I hope you are healing.


Rose said...

Thanks Tom. I'm feeling very reflective and finding that grief does strange things to a person. Not all bad either. Interesting times.