Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dasha Shishkin

Stumbled upon this woman's art site through Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's site - she did the cover art for their début CD. She rocks.


David Cauchi said...

I knew I'd seen the name of that band before. It's first up on the latest spam email from SmokeCDs.

paintergirl said...

Pretty nice stuff. Always a fan of line work. Using found paper to draw on is always great to see.

I have to draw this thing in my head NOW, give me paper. This napkin will do. I'm so bad I'll rip food boxes apart and paint on them.

Rose said...

Actually D, I think that's where I heard of them too!

PG - I don't have that urge. I guess I would have been an artist if I did. I think it's cos I've never been able to transfer the wonderful pictures I get in my head onto paper successfully.