Thursday, March 23, 2006

it's getting to THAT time of year again

Listening to: Beans, various (now defunct band from Canada - thanks to fellow blogger and Canadian music afficionado, Rube Lubener, for the tip on these guys)

Oh my. Only around 5 weeks to go till it's that crazy old time of year again - the Film Festival. For those who don't know, around two months of my year are spent working from the office of the New Zealand Film Festivals. It's fun, but it's hard. The nice thing is being part of a team. Usually it's just me on my own (and the dog), hanging out at home, working busily away in the solitude of my sunroom/office. So for two months I get to hang out with other people. Not that there's much chat! Oh no, we all work hard and for long long hours. But it's all worth it, even if I do feel completely shattered for most of the time. For most of the time I don't really get to do much else except work, eat and sleep. That's NO exaggeration.

So, I have now, over the next few weeks, got to get stuck into the projects I have on the go now and get as much done as I can. Plus, I'm going to try to make sure I get some "me" time as well and keep myself well and happy. I'm heading off this weekend for some R&R to a cute little cottage over in - log burner, claw foot bath - lots of books and wine and food. Nice.

Still downloading like a crazy MF. Got the new Pretty Girls Make Graves, Élan Vital (not yet released). Yet another band that has played in Australia lately and not made their way across the ditch. Along with Les Savy Fav, Broken Social Scene and countless others. Shame.


paintergirl said...

Good to hear you'll be off for a nice trip. Sounds exquisite. We'll be on a road trip that will be to see family. Not as thrilling.

David Cauchi said...

Over in Martinborough. Tsk tsk.

I reckon you should stick a pic of your cheery map up.