Monday, March 20, 2006

ohhhh new music I love you

Finding new music is like exploring another world. I've been trawling the net, following leads, downloading. Soulseek window on one screen, browser in the other. Stumbled upon Do Make Say Think and thought, hello, these guys sound a lot like Broken Social Scene only to check and find that indeed, there are common band members involved. There's so much good good music coming out of Canada (Broken Social Scene, Feist, Do Make Say Think) and Scotland (Boards of Canada, Mogwai). It's so easy to find new music that you like on the net. Which transversly (sp?) makes it easier for the makers of music to reach an audience. Doncha love it? Okay, I've just downed a bottle of wine and I'm raving. It's time I went to bed.

[Just check my downloads first... still queuing...]

I've been obsessing over Broken Social Scene now for over three months. Where will it end?!

Oh, just downloaded early Dntel and it's so so making me happy. Soulseek is making my world go round.

I'm going to be hungover tomorrow.


rube lubener said...

Have you tried downloading from Acquisition X? I thinkg it is the best for the Mac. It grabs stuff from all the different sources including soulseek.

Anonymous said...



Lilly said...

Aww, Rose -- hope you weren't too hungover when you rolled out of bed the following day, dear :-)

Yeah, it's always brilliant when you manage to discover new and interesting and totally arse-kicking music. I should search more. I have stopped searching. I lost faith in new stuff a while back. I seem to be 'stuck' with my old LPs -- but in a way it's ok because they never fail to make me reach a state of total musical bliss...they do the trick for me, so to speak.

paintergirl said...

Hey ya. I'm am so into hearing new music too. melvin brings home all sorts of things to hear. Hope all is well in NZ!