Wednesday, March 15, 2006

entertainment glut

Man, I've been a lucky one lately. Last night it was Talvin Singh, the night before it was Holy Sinner (both Arts Festival envents) and last week I got to see David Pajo (ex-Slint and Tortoise and many other connections).

Talvin Singh was good. I'd describe his music as ambient bhangra or India-infused electronica. He plays the tabla - a traditional pair of Indian drums - and teams them with electronic instruments and a nice sparing dose of vocoder vocals.

Holy Sinner - well, it was gorgeous to watch and had amazing staging values which were really very beautiful. But the story was kinda weak. The first half was good, but the story lost the plot especially at the end. Glad I went though. It was worth it for the visuals. And of course, to support our local theatre.

David Pajo - awesome. His solo work is reminiscent of Nick Drake and Elliot Smith. He had some funny pooh jokes. You had to be there.

I've still got another Festival event to go to on Saturday night - DJ Spooky with Rebirth of a Nation. Should be good.

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