Sunday, March 12, 2006

Three facts about Brian Eno

I didn't know that Eno wrote that startup sound for Windows. This is one of the things I found out today on Wikipedia about one of my heroes of music, Brian Eno. But there's more!

1. The Windows 95 startup sound (not the faster melody in later versions) was composed by Brian Eno.
2. He once guest appeared as Father Brian Eno on the television sitcom Father Ted.
3. He reportedly has a passion for word games. A song on his album Before and After Science is entitled "King's Lead Hat", which is an anagram of "Talking Heads", a band that he has worked with. (His own name, "Brian Eno", is an anagram of "One Brain".)


Anonymous said...

Why Hire A Private Investigator?

Do It Yourself.


Anonymous said...

The tagboard makes sense.

Drop it like it's hot.


Rose said...

nah, i'll just visit your place for that. It'll clash with the look i've got going on.