Sunday, January 21, 2007

Gonna be an office girl

Listening to: sunnO))) & Boris, Altar

A friend of mine asked me last week if I'd be interested in sharing some office space. I went and checked it out and it's absolutely perfect. It's pretty lonely with just me and the kids, and even though it means I'll have to fork out some more money, I think it's worth it so I've signed up. Very exciting. It's in exactly the right part of town for me and is very handy to the Film Festival where I'll be working again this year. Yes, I know I said last year that I was giving it up, but I will need the money and really, I do enjoy it, even though the hours are stupidly excessive. I'm moving at the end of the month. I'll post some piccies when I get myself installed. Me and two friends who are web designers will be sub-leasing from a small film production company, so it'll be a whole floor of creatives. And there's even a shower there! Really looking forward to it.

I've been motivated enough lately to manage twice-weekly gym sessions. I'm not the gym type at all, but I know it's the only way I'll get any excercise and I really want to look after myself this year - lose some weight, get fit, eat healthily. Doing well so far...

I've been to see a few films lately. I saw The Valet last night. Fun French comedy. Pretty light, but entertaining. My fave film so far this year (although I haven't seen many) would have to be Sofia Coppola's latest, Marie Antoinette. A flirty frothy piece of girly bliss. Totally lightweight, but so gorgeous. I loved it. And then there's the soundtrack - I got home and downloaded immediately, and it's been on heavy rotation in my car. After listening to 'Hong Kong Garden' by Siouxsie Sioux, I will be no doubt revisiting some of her albums for more than nostalgia's sake. I forgot what an entrancing voice she has.

During some of my Soulseek downloads this week, I found a stash of images. Amongst them was a folder full of images of old Russian posters. The designs are so cool, I just had to share one.


paintergirl said...

Well that sounds exciting sharing a space. You're a crazy woman with the whole film fest.
And Siouxsie, I could listen to her everyday and it would always make me smile.
Cool poster too. Have a great day rose!

Rose said...

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention, PG, was that this year at the festival I get an assistant! Isn't that cool? A minion to order about. I haven't had those since I was at an agency (unless you count my children - but they never do what they're told!).

jos said...

cool pic, rose! hope you get to design some things equally as cool or better.
good luck with the gym. i can't even bring myself to do yoga or sit ups :(
and love the siouxsie. my first record of theirs is 'kaleidoscope' and still my fave.