Friday, January 05, 2007

new blog. should i bother?

I can't quite bring myself to make the effort to start a new blog. Even just thinking of a new name seems like a lot of work. I'm not quite managing to keep up with the work I have to get done at the moment. It tends to be interspersed with little crying breaks. It's very annoying. I want to get back to being "me" again - getting on with things - but it's hard going. I guess I have to be patient with this grieving process. It's not easy getting over the shock of a sudden unexpected split. So many questions. So much pain. My kids are amazing to have around. We've been getting along to see movies, or going out for something to eat (having been feeling like cooking much either. Just been to see The Queen, which I enjoyed (surprisingly!) and The Departed (Scorcese's latest), which was also very good.

So, a new blog is not imminent. This one will just have to continue I guess until I have a bit more energy.


paintergirl said...

Well you know, the name is perfect. It just fits you, and we'll follow you where ever you go. I'm just glad to see you writing. It's good to hear the kids have been so great. You should try the self portrait challenge too. I think you might enjoy it.

Rose said...

Thanks PG. I think it suits me too. I just can't think of a replacement. What with my state of mind, I just keep coming up with really lame and sad sounding names, so it might be best to stick with what I've got! I will definitely check out the self portrait challenge. I had a look from your link the other day - it would be fun. I just might have a go!

Anonymous said...



Rose said...

Cheers O'G. I think you're right.