Wednesday, March 04, 2009

SESSION FIVE: At Home With Rose

I've decided to stick to my noise/drone/lo-fi genre in the future. While Radio23 is still in Beta, I'll possibly do another couple of shows of indie/pop/folkish tunes, but it suits to keep to relative genres since the station will be splitting into various genre-based channels.

I've been addressing copyright issues and contacting artists where I can. If you are on my playlist and I haven't yet contacted you - I'm sorry. I do intend to make sure I receive permission from all artists. Gotta do the right thing!

Thanks to Andy McLeod for sending through a track at the last minute. Very very pleased to include new track from new Auckland sludgy metal fiends, Evil Ocean.

Finish with two tracks from one of my all-time favourite bands, The Skeptics. I saw them play in Timaru so many years ago. They opened my ears and my eyes.

Playlist for tomorrow morning's show on Radio 23:

Tonight the Kids Sleep in the Car, gFrenzy, A Lowtide's Rising, 1:36
The Soul Quietens, Roy Montgomery, Kranky Kompilation, 3:10
phone order, Seht, Application Antarctica Download, 7:55
Moonlit Air, RST, Axes, 6:55
paul johns, Lovely Midget, Self Titled, 10:32
Lords of Space, RST, Axes, 4:23
shining with the wrong kind of light, Lovely Midget, Self Titled, 8:52
buckling metal snowflakes, Birchville Cat Motel, Chi Vampires, 28:52
Disturbing the Quiet, i.ryoko., 8:46
Force the Rusty Hinges, i.ryoko, 6:20
Entombed Alive, Black Boned Angel, Eternal Hunger, 20:34
australopithecus afarensis, Evil Ocean, 7:51
All Sum Nul, The Skeptics, Amalgam, 3:48
Blue, The Skeptics, Skeptics Collection, 3:21

PHOTO: Black Boned Angel


s. said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what's with the weird characters interlaced in the text??

Unknown said...

Frick! Wasn't bloody like that this morning when I looked at it!

Rose said...

All fixed. Aha. So that's what happens when I use a stupid applescript to extract my playlist from itunes. I won't be doing that again.

s. said...

buh. I reckon its exporting in a double-byte character set, so maybe if you select a more portable one like UTF-8? dunno...